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Making Authy work with MailChimp
Posted Aug 02 2013 by Ryan Thrash with 0 Comment(s)

I've used Google 2-Step Verification for months to protect my Google Apps logins, using the Google Authenticator App on my phone. However, a good friend just pointed me to Authy, which supports additional apps including Dropbox, Facebook and others. It bills itself as Two-Factor Authentication without the hassle, and I agree! What I missed immediately though was connecting back into my MailChimp account.

A quick search for "Authy MailChimp" gave me nothing. Turns out, though, it's not so hard.

By the way, there's a couple of reasons to use two-factor authentication with MailChimp. First, it's a lot more secure—so really you should use it with everything possible. Second, you get a discount off paid plans at MailChimp. We save $15/month or so.

Simply login to your …

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MODX, the GPL & You
Posted Jul 17 2010 by Ryan Thrash with 13 Comment(s)

At its core, the GPL is about freedom. MODx fully supports and loves this principle, and that's why we license MODx under the GPL. We want our software to remain open and free for use by as many as possible, to continue to grow and to improve. The GPL imparts great freedom for GPL product users.

The freedom protected by the GPL also means that GPL products cannot impose restrictions on persons or entities to whom said GPL works are distributed/sold/conveyed. If you incorporate any portion of a GPL work, you have to license your work under the GPL if you in turn distribute/sell/convey it elsewhere and provide the original source code if asked.

If I buy your GPL'd MegaSEO Accessible Theme for $160 I could give it away to whomever I want, put the code on a website for anyone to download, or even …

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