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Making Authy work with MailChimp
Posted Aug 02 2013 by Ryan Thrash with 0 Comment(s)

I've used Google 2-Step Verification for months to protect my Google Apps logins, using the Google Authenticator App on my phone. However, a good friend just pointed me to Authy, which supports additional apps including Dropbox, Facebook and others. It bills itself as Two-Factor Authentication without the hassle, and I agree! What I missed immediately though was connecting back into my MailChimp account.

A quick search for "Authy MailChimp" gave me nothing. Turns out, though, it's not so hard.

By the way, there's a couple of reasons to use two-factor authentication with MailChimp. First, it's a lot more secure—so really you should use it with everything possible. Second, you get a discount off paid plans at MailChimp. We save $15/month or so.

Simply login to your …

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Open Source vs. Open Core
Posted Jul 22 2010 by Ryan Thrash with 0 Comment(s)

After our recent product launch (as in roughly a dozen hours ago), Barb Mosher indirectly raised a very salient question in her article:

Like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, MODx is licensed under the GPL. This means that the MODx Revolution core software will remain open and free. But beyond this the field is open.

I'd like to offer some clarity on this question. MODx is an Open Source company, everything to date has been released under an OS license. We also don't want to restrict how MODx developers license their work, a different type of freedom than offered from many, if not most, OS projects. We think this will help companies transition from being slaves to selling hours into selling products.

The "Open Source vs. Open Core" …

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